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ERP solution with Odoo to manage business processes more efficiently

 With Odoo, Multibase installed an full-fledged ERP solution for Distrimarket - Carregado / Lisboa, to manage and improve business processes and efficiency.

As like a highway is needed for a more efficient traffic flow, business consulting and a powerful solution are essential to have better results.

Picture: CONDURIL - Highway A10 - Carregado

Integrated Health Management System

eCare is a full-fledged Health Management System based on OpenERP/Odoo including portuguese localization for e-prescription and invoicing.

eCare is a web solution, developed for Hospitals, Clinics, Medical practitioners and any other provider of health care.

The software covers clinical management requeirements (patients, consultations, prescriptions, vaccination, medication, etc.), management (HR, facilities, purchases, cost centres), financial approach (invoicing and payments) and accounting (general and analytic).

Business units

Websites e online marketing
Web, communication and online development

Tailor-made solutions
Online services and applications to meet customer specific requirements.

Business solutions
Tools and solutions to business process optimization and customer relationship management

Online business
B2C and B2B solutions and services to develop online business.

Key partners for full-fledged solutions.


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Our mission

Using the technology in a professional and responsible manner, our mission is to create solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Innovate and seek to go further. Use the imagination to create solutions based on knowledge and experience.

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