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Clinical Management, Laboratories and Hospital Centers


eCare is a web solution, developed having in mind Hospitals, Clinics, Medical practitioners and any other provider of health care.

The software covers clinical matters (patients, consultations, prescriptions, vaccination, medication, etc.), management (HR, facilities, purchases, cost centres), financial approach (invoicing and payments) and accounting (general and analytic).

The system is available online and it will only take a computer (or a mobile device) and an internet connection to use it. Each customer has its own dedicated area under the concept of Private Cloud with all the expected security measures and information integrity.



Management of appointments

  • Appointments are manageable according to practitioner's availability and speciality.

  • Advanced search is available for speciality, weekday and practitioner.

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Management of consultations

  • Management of medical consultations with full access to a patient's medical profile. The software takes care of all the involved medical actions concerning a patient's file.

  • Direct integration with a patient's profile, including medical assessments, exams or analysis as well as prescriptions.

  • Reminders are sent to patients with all the information concerning any scheduled appointment.

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Management of Patients and their clinical files

  • Management of patients' files. Detailed information on a patient's clinical history. Automatic management of medical actions involved.

  • Concept of family unit applied to a patient.

  • Integration with consultation records, exams, prescriptions, assessments, vaccine plan and clinical history, whether personal or familial.

  • Quick search for patients's data and their clinical history.

  • Documents can be attached to any patient's record.

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Management of Health Care Professionals

  • Management of health care professionals' records with access to every medical action in which they might have been involved.

  • Search for availability by medical speciality.

  • Integration with specialities and clinical activities supervised by the health care professional.

  • Quick search for doctors and their activities.

  • Documents can be attached to any record.

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Facilities management

  • Facilities and booking management. Room configuration.

  • Check data about bed usage, patients and associated medical actions.

  • Integrated view over practitioners and patients.

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Management of Laboratories

  • Management of requests for exams and medical assessments.

  • Configuration of exam types and units.

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Financial Management

  • Customers

  • Budgets and Sales

  • Requisitions, Invoices and Payments

  • Checking account

  • Reminders and Notifications

  • Insurances and Partnerships

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Website integration

  • Custom development

  • Mobile ready

  • Online appointments

  • Information requests

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  • Medical prescriptions

  • Clinical notes by patient

  • Prescription history by Patient and prescripting Doctor

  • Absence form

  • Consultation results

  • Patient's record/card

  • Diseases report

  • Drug history

  • Vaccine plan

  • Medical assessment history by Patient or Doctor

  • Requisitions/Demands for analisys or exams

  • Results of analisys and exams, by patient

  • Drugs listing

  • Health care professionals listing

  • Notifications by patient listing


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